Make a Donation

Donate with confidence, knowing your financial information is secure no matter how you choose to pay.

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The photo above (left) shows what your $10 will buy at your grocery store.  The photo above (right) shows what $10 buys from the Iowa Food Bank.  Cash donations buy more food!

Checks made payable to “The Lamoni Food Pantry” can be mailed to or may be given to (Indicate in the memo section on your check if you want your contribution to go to Food or Emergency Relief Fund):

Lamoni Food Pantry
% United Methodist Church
9th and Maple Streets
Lamoni, IA    50140


Nicole Martz
%Bank of the West
108 E. Main
Lamoni, IA    50140

A copy of your tax deductable contributions are mailed out in January for the previous years donations.

You may also choose to use PAY PAL to make your contribution to the Food Pantry. To use PAY PAL just click on the button below and follow the prompts.