You Can Help!

The variety of ways to help the Food Pantry varies as much as the people who help.  The easy way to help and stay involved is to choose a way to support that makes you feel good and/or that you enjoy.  You might want to help but don’t have a lot of time.  Or maybe you have some time but it has to be at your convenience and not on a schedule.  Listed below are some ways you might help us fight hunger….and give hope.  Read through the list and see what appeals to you or better still come up with your own idea and share it with us so we can support your efforts.


  • Volunteer (see the volunteer page for ways to give your time)
  • Donate monies.  75% of all our financial support comes through private individuals in our community. Checks can be written to the Lamoni Food Pantry and sent to the Pantry (located that the local United Methodist Church) or give to Nicole Martz at the local Bank of the West or given to Gwen Simpson. You may also contact us by providing your name and number on our Email
  • Be a supporter at our Fund Raisers when you see them advertised.
  • Donate non-perishable food items and/or personal care items for us to give to clients who come to the Pantry. We are always in need of tuna, rice, crackers, boxed mac and cheese.

PERSONAL FUNDRAISERS: You create your own fundraiser!

  • Birthday fund
  • 5K race and event sponsor
  • Anniversary fund
  • Other celebration or personal events where you would like to collect donations instead of gifts
  • Memorial/Tributes to others
  • Contests for schools or teams
  • Other ideas are welcome