About Us


“The Lamoni Food Pantry shares in a tangible manner God’s love by providing basic foods, goods, and services to our neighbors in the community.”


The Lamoni Food Pantry was started by the local Ministerial Alliance as they saw a need to provide food support for families in the Lamoni area.  Non-perishable food items were collected from the churches and community. The churches provided funds for a Hy-Vee food coupon that was given out to provide help with perishable items the family might need in addition to the non-perishable items they received from the Pantry. The Pantry was housed in one of the local churches. The local Community of Christ Church, Baptist and Methodist churches have all at one time or another had the responsibility for the Pantry.
In the summer of 2008, the Food Pantry moved from the Baptist Church to the Lamoni United Methodist Church.  The Pantry was housed in the church kitchen until October of 2008 when the church Board allocated a room in the basement of the church so the Pantry could expand to allow families to shop for their food instead of being given pre-packaged sacks of food.  With grant monies from the United Methodist Church the Pantry was able to buy paint, shelving, 2 freezers and a refrigerator.  The new freezers and refrigerator facilitated the ability to give out meats and occasionally items such as milk, cheese, eggs and orange juice.
The Food Pantry is 100% volunteer operated and is governed by a volunteer 12 member Board of Directors. That board consists of community members and clients of the Pantry.  The Pantry has over 100 community volunteers who help with scheduling, staffing, driving to get food, unloading and delivery of food.

Since the move, the Pantry leadership has under gone a change from an executive director (who ran the day-to-day operation and reported back to the local Ministerial Alliance)  to a 12 member Board which now has oversight for running the Pantry.  The Pantry applied for and received a 501(c)3 non-profit status from the federal government in 2010.

At the time of the move to the church basement we were serving 6 families a month. Since then the number of families using the Pantry has grown significantly. In 2014 we had 734 visits from area families, averaging 71 family visits per month.  

While our numbers increased during the time of recession, community awareness and involvement also increased.  The success of the Pantry is a testament to strong community participation from monetary donations to volunteer support.  The projected food pantry budget for the coming year is $21,000. In addition to this amount, funds needed to support the Emergency Relief Fund and the School Supply Campaign brings the budget for all programs for 2015 to $29,000.  This amount speaks to the concern of local citizens wanting to invest in the future of all Lamoni’s families. 

The Lamoni Food Pantry is funded by private individuals, grants, churches, businesses, clubs and annual fundraising events. The Food  Pantry also submits grant proposals to support personal care items, gardens, fresh produce during growing season, 1 loaf of bread and 1 dozen eggs a month per family.


  • Tuesday afternoon 2-4 pm
  • Thursday evening 5-7 pm
  • First Saturday each month 9-11 am


  • MUST LIVE in the Lamoni School District.
  • Must present proof of address.
  • Clients may use the Pantry every 30 days to receive food.
  • Feel they are in sincere need of assistance.